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Holistic Healing Services to assist your Spiritual Journey!


Distance Reiki Sessions

Distance Reiki is another method of sending reiki to a recipient

The energy transcends space, time and distance. It is of the Most High and surpasses our linear earthly understanding.

Distance reiki is just as effective as in person.

Distance Reiki sessions are performed remotely, for clients nationwide and globally.

These sessions can be performed while we are on the phone, via Skype or even while you are away living your life.

The goal of distance Reiki is to achieve a spiritual oneness to serve the recipients highest and greatest good.


We offer group meditations!

The meditations are reiki infused mediations.  You are guided and then released  for 26 mins to have your own personal experience.  Each experience gives the recipient the exact energy and spiritual guidance that they need.

At the end of the meditation the experience is written by the recipient and shared with the Reiki Master for spiritual understanding.  

You can do the same meditation and have a different spiritual experience every time! These meditation experiences are created to bring one closer to their true authentic spiritual self.

The group meditations are held via Zoom.  For the recipient a cell phone, tablet or computer with audio is all you need. Upon scheduling for the meditation you will receive a link to the Zoom invitation/registration! 

Psychic Readings 

Psychic Readings are done via zoom.

Our medium is very connected to the afterlife as well as helping those transitioning. You can connect with your loved ones or assist a loved one transitioning. 

Akashic Records Readings

Akashic Records are termed YOUR Book of Life.  The medium accesses your personal book of life to speak with the ascended master that appears with messages for you.   You can send questions in advance or just allow the universe to guide you.

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